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sound journey – live vocals – blue lotus cacao – delight all 5 of your senses

Arrive as you are & leave feeling rejuvenated, enlivened & on purpose!



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Sound Healing

What on earth is Sound Healing?

  • We all know the feeling of listening to our favourite song, the way it can induce feelings of happiness and bring back emotions from long ago. The power of music and the vibrations our bodies cells receive when listening to music, vocal toning and different instruments has been known since ancient times.
  • Sound healing uses sonic vibrations through different sacred instruments and vocal toning. This in turn alters the brain waves creating a sense of calm like in a guided sound meditation, thus leaving the recipient in a relaxed and rejuvenated state.
  • The best advice I’ve ever heard in relation to sound healing is, you really need to experience it for yourself…let yourself relax, unwind and be taken on a deep journey of the body, mind and soul.
  • This in turn helps the bodies cells to heal themselves faster and more efficiently achieving overall better physical and mental health – You benefit from decreased stress hormones and increased dopamine levels, increased focus and sense of happiness as you float away from your session.
  • You benefit from decreased stress hormones and increased dopamine levels, increased focus and sense of happiness as you float away from your session.

Woo Woo or A Science Too?

  • Sound travels about four times faster through water than it does through air and our bodies are about 70 percent water. Therefore the efficiency of sound healing on the body is amplified considerably to that of other healing modalities. 
  • Heart rates are lowered increasing feelings of calm and delivering blood to your entire body more efficiently improving overall health 
  • Melatonin is released bringing you into a calm relaxation
  • Sound increases your levels of the peptide hormone oxytocin which is also known as the “love hormone” or “cuddle chemical”
  • Our respiration changes reducing stress and inducing feelings of calm
  • 30 seconds of conscious humming can reduce your heart rate, aid your respiration and blood pressure levels improving your overall health.
  • Best settling author Dr Bruce Lipton comments on Andi and Jonathan’s  book “The Humming Effect” I highly recommend the humming effect for those impacted by the stress of the modern world, it is a powerful non pharmaceutical prescription for self healing that had only has positive side effects such as harmony, health and happiness”
  • Now if that’s simply with humming, imagine the health benefits from the whole range of sound healing instruments
  • We are ALL sound healers! If you’re interested, I can show you how to heal yourself.

What is a session like?

  • In a session with me, I create my own version of a healing temple, to heal your body which is your temple. I channel source and sounds while using my intuition to tune into you and your unique essence to heal and align the cells of your body, mind and spirit.
  • I use the sounds of my voice and various instruments such as the african djembe, crystal bowls Tibetan bowls and percussion to create your own unique healing session for your mind and body. I also add extra music from my music selection to match the session for you such as the didgeridoo.
  • We begin by sharing the heart opening “Joy Love Cacao” and discussing your intentions for the session and sit with various cards to help with guidance. We can also talk about other things in your life as you wish if you would like to also have an “Intuitive Guidance” session with me before or after your sound healing.
  • I will invite you to get comfortable and if you wish to cover your eyes with one of my soft scarves so that you can more fully drop into hearing and receiving the healing sounds of the journey.
  • If you have chosen the “5 Senses Sacred Sound Journey” then expect to enjoy something for all of your senses 

Hear: an array of healing instruments from the Tibetan Bowls & Tingsha Cymbals, African drum, Live Channeled Vocals as I sing and tone to you plus an array of other percussive instruments & sounds from around the world.

See: the beautifully setup surroundings & Angel & Goddess pictures & words from your card reading

Smell: the aromatherapy, the smudging and clearing smokes, incense and the spices in the cacao to help you drop in even further to this sensory experience.

Taste: Peruvian Cacao with an array of spices, macca, vanilla and more. 

Touch: light touch bodywork throughout the session finishing with a gentle massage of the hands with coconut & aromatherapy oil.

After this session you will leave feeling a sense of calm, rejuvenation & clarity while having received deep healing sonic sound waves throughout to realign all the cells in your body to work more easily in unison with each other…just like a symphony orchestra. Clients say it’s like a massage, therapy & an inner healing all in one.

I constantly travel between Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Byron Bay. Contact me to find out if I am available during your chosen date.


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